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Mickey Head Topiary with Planter Pot

Our very popular Mickey Head topiary with planter pot is offered as a base topiary. It is exclusive to Disney's Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival.

Here are a few options on what can be done with it.

  • Keep as is. No watering needed.

  • Plant a live creeping fig plug. We offer the creeping fig vine in the Supplies section. We have How To guides in our FAQ section.

  • Artifical silk creeping fig or equivalent vine can be pinned to topiary or placed in the planter pot and wrapped around the stem to the topiary.

  • Use floral spray on the Mickey Head topiary to give it a green look.

  • Plant succulents in the topiary is a popular option.

  • Pin live or artificial flowers to it. See image below of how the elephant was used this way.

Hope these provide some thoughts of the possibilities for this topiary.

A note on the planter pot if going with an option that requires watering.

It is best to remove the topiary head to soak or water. Keep it off the stem until it is not dripping water. The purpose of this is to keep the water from getting into the pot. It does not have any drainage.

We had a lot of fun coming up with the design and it seems a lot of others love it too.

We appreciate your love for the Mickey Head topiary. Send us pictures of your finished design we love to see them and share.

Here are some additional pictures of the topiary.

Topiary with live creeping fig planted in it.
Mickey Head topiary sitting between two patio chairs on the coffee table.
A stack of Mickey Head planter pots in a triangle that are being transformed into the Mickey Head planter pot.
More Mickey Head planter pots on a table being worked on.
Flowers pinned to cover our medium elephant.


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