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Tips: What to do with a stuffed or frame topiary.

Our customers have been very creative on ways to use a stuffed or frame version of a topiary. Here are some examples:

Medium Stuffed Elephant topiary with green, yellow, and red flower heads pinned into the stuffed elephant.

This is our Medium Stuffed Elephant that has been used to hold flower heads.

Spring Easter decorations

To the left is our Large Stuffed Swan sprayed with green floral spray and placed as a centerpiece in a flower pot.

Below are two Standing Stuffed Bunnies sprayed with green floral spray and used on top of a floral display.

Frame topiary options

Standing Mouse Frame with plant trained to grow on it.

Train a plant or vine to grow to the shape of the frame topiary. These typically require less water than a stuffed topiary since the planter pot soil holds moisture well. All our topiaries are available in the frame state. Shop All Frames

Standing mouse frame with creeping fig vine.


We are excited to be a part of two upcoming festivals. Disney's Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival and the St. Petersburg Florida Green Thumb Festival.

The Epcot Flower and Garden Festival 2018 will be from Wednesday, February 28th through Monday, May 28th 2018. Our booth is available everyday of the festival and we have select days were we will be onsite for demonstrations of stuffing and planting topiaries. We love to meet our fans and help teach the art of topiaries. Hope to see as many of you there at this amazing festival about the world of gardening. We are located near the entrance of the World Showcase when walking counter clockwise towards Canada on the right hand side.

Remaining appearance schedule:

  • Friday, March 23

  • Saturday, April 14

  • Friday, April 20

  • Friday, May 4

All are from 11am to 2pm​


The St. Petersburg Florida Green Thumb Festival is another amazing gardening festival which is in its 32nd year. It is held on Arbor Day weekend April 28th and 29th from 9am to 4pm.

We will have an assortment of topiaries, demonstrations and Q&A on taking care of topiaries. Come visit us as we would love to meet you.

View our Topiary assortment:

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