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Topiary Frame; 2 examples for planting

Here are two examples as an alternate way to grow your topiary. Our Standing Mouse Frame was used for this. The frame is made with sturdy galvanized steel, although, we still recommend a good rust proof spray paint to keep it from getting weathered. We used a silver color as that is the natural color of the steel. You certainly could choose from a wide variety of colors for the frame.

Our frame below has been growing since March 2016. The vine gets the occasional training to keep it in the form of the frame. Any of the long runners are wrapped around the frame or tucked into the center body of the frame.

This option can be used on any of our frames. Check out our wide assortment of topiaries.

Standing Mouse Frame; Image two

Here is a nice little project for the topiary frame making use of a boxwood plant to train into the shape of the frame. These are pictures from one of our international customers where we are unable to ship planted topiaries. They opted to purchase the frame instead. Photos by Sandra & David

Standing Mouse Frame; Image three

Standing Mouse Frame; Image four
Standing Mouse Frame; Image five
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